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In 1997 Red Bull Launched In The US.

California was the first test market. 

TRUE STORY:  That same year a friend of ours was offered a DISTRIBUTORSHIP by his friend in San Diego for ALL the Southeast US for a "NEW energy drink" called "Red Bull".  He decided not to.

Our friend now regrets that.

In '08 GLOBAL Red Bull sales surpassed 4.02 BILLION cans and GROWING!

What if Red Bull gave a percentage of each sale back to YOUR local charity, cause or family in need? 

The Cornerstone of this company is giving back to a cause that YOU can CHOOSE!

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*THREE Premium Mixers For Men & Women


Compact. Put your daily package in your back pack, purse or pocket & head to school, the gym, to work.

JUST ADD IT TO 8 oz Of Water

NO MORE Aluminum Cans In Our Land Fills Or On Our Streets


*Antioxidants, Vitamins, Matcha Green Tea, Goji Berry

Vegan & Vegetarian Compliant

*Well Established Company - Millions Sold Worldwide

*Proven Infrastructure

*Philanthropic:  Percentage of Sales go to YOUR Local Charities

*Don't wait.  Unlimited Growth.

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*Change your destiny while changing lives!

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